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The Alicia Lundquist Memorial Fund For Conservative Women














United Women is honored to announce the Alicia Lundquist Memorial Scholarship Fund For Conservative Women. Alicia was a proud patriot and Conservative in Tennessee. A wonderful example for all our young ladies! She will always be remembered for her Christian faith, grace, friendship and love for America. United Women of Tennessee is looking to raise funds for the Fund to award scholarships to Conservative Christian young ladies attending college who will represent and learn about our lost friend for many many years to come. Please join us to honor Alicia.  Every donation is appreciated and we can't do this without you! Donations may be sent by check to: United Women of Tennessee, P. O. Box 2943, Brentwood, TN 3702 .  May God Bless you and let's make Alicia proud! 


Alicia's story is best told by her son John and I invite you to read it:

My Mother was born November 24th 1945 in the Philippines. She had 6 other siblings growing up, Ellen Tels Zerrudo, Ayda Zerrudo-Zoleta, Arturo, Alfredo, Aurora, and Antonio. Her father Alfredo Sr, was an attorney and served as the regional director of the Bureau of lands and legal counsel, while Lola (My Grandmother, Her mom) Adoracion was a nurse and regional director of the Dept. of Health’s Rural Unit. They lived a happy and blessed life with my mother always chasing her passion of music and fellowship. Being the kind of people my Lolo and Lola were they always had diplomats visiting the house and in a Sound of Music kind of way my mother and her siblings entertained them. In the 1960’s thru the 1970’s my mother was dubbed the country’s “ Sunshine Girl “ and the country’s top folksinger! She became active on TV, radio, stage, and studio eventually leading her to producing and hosting her own TV show!!! Mom eventually started to also work for the First Lady Imelda Marcos’s Cultural Committee to bring art and music to all parts of the Philippines.

During the events of Vietnam my mother became not only an entertainer for thousands of American soldiers posted on major Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force bases but also an entertainer for the forward fire bases secluded away from safety. She would tell me stories of hopping off a Huey with guitar in hand as if she were a soldier going to war!!! She would drop in wearing a combat outfit and swap to her flashy outfits and sing to the souls guarding these small fire bases. When she finished she’d jump in another Huey and get sky lifted to the next base. Bob Hope was a close friend of my mother’s and he was also a HUGE fan of my mother trying multiple times to move my mother and father to LA and NY so she could continue pursuing her music career.

Needless to say my mother LOVED and ADORED our great country the USA. Having mentioned my father, they met with my mom singing in the “ O-clubs “ or Officers only clubs. Only commissioned officers ie Admirals, Captains, and other CO’s were allowed to attend these events. My father tried multiple times to date my mother and eventually they fell in love! They were married in the PI and moved to Beresford, SD where my father was born and raised also having another wedding ceremony there. Giving birth first to my sister Elise Lundquist Hill, and several years later to my brother Erik Lundquist My parents decided as an overlap of education, musical career, business career, and weather to move to Nashville, TN. I was a surprise baby with my mother giving birth to me at the astonishing age of 43!!! It somewhat bothers me not knowing my mother when she was younger but to say my mother wasn’t in her prime anymore is a gross injustice to her memory. My mother was ALWAYS in her prime even up until the last few weeks of her passing.

My mother’s faith was unshakable, she was a proud Christian and Evangelist. She was a frequent attendee of churches all over Tennessee of ALL denominations. As well as as a prayer warrior with guitar in hand visiting people with sickness and terminal illness. Her wisdom and love of the Bible are legendary!

She also loved visiting nursing homes and schools to sing for the elderly and children respectively.

My mother was the most loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic, selfless, and endearing person I’ve ever experienced in my life. For most of my life especially during high school our house was always the hangout spot.

My mother’s famous words of greeting were as follows, “ Hi how are you? It’s nice to see you, have you eaten yet? “ Making our house the popular destination of my friends and girlfriend. Always a party pleaser she would cook delicious Filipino food and usually for dessert follow up with a nice serving of her musical talent and guitar.


My mother always taught me to be inclusive and warm to everyone I meet. This is something I’ve tried to emulate my whole life. She not only has her 5 siblings (Tito Tony passed away) her 3 children, but is the sister and mother to hundreds of people she has touched over the years. I would never take this away from anyone but common phrases I hear of folks close to my mother is ALWAYS “ she was like a mother to me” “ she was like a sister to me” or “ we were best friends“ “we were very close. “ But that’s precisely the kind of relationship my mother wanted with EVERYONE. No matter your race, no matter your religion, no matter your politics, she loved you, and wanted you to know it! I also often hear the phrase “ her favorite song was ...” well truth be told my mother’s favorite song was the song you loved the most! If she has entertained you before she always remembered what song made you move or smile the most.


Before the events of this year with my mother I have legitimately never felt anxiety. I am for the most part emotionally steadfast. After witnessing her decline and taking care of her in her last few months I realized it’s because of her that I am so emotionally steady. She was my Rock, my Mother, my best friend, my light. Even though losing the most precious and important person in my life, I am also relieved. For my mother is in Heaven and she suffers no more. Amen!


To all my family and friends who visited, called, and supported not only her but myself and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my mother’s heart. It means so much to know that we are not alone.  Speaking for my mother, “God loves you and I love you!“



United Women of Tennessee, d/b/a United Women is a 501 c-3 non profit. EIN # 85- 2677092.

Click on PDF below for application.  Closing date to apply for Fall Semester 2023 is July 1st, 2023.   Email application to


Congratulations to our scholarship recipients! 

Gittle Sciolis


Alicia Lundquist Memorial Scholarship
Recipient 2021

Anna Young


Alicia Lundquist Memorial Scholarship Recipient 2022

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